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 North East Tasmania is a rugged and mountainous region in Tasmania that has a low population of humans and a high density of abundant wildlife and rare plants. Granite strewn Mountains abound throughout the region covering much of the area jutting out from an ancient landscape separated from the mainland some 10,000 years ago according to popular scientific theory.

Today much of the area is covered in re-growth of dry sclerophyll woodland and open forest with pockets of remnant rain forest in the high rainfall, moister parts of the region. It is an animal lovers paradise with many species not found any more on mainland Australia and is an important ecological time capsule as a result of it's isolation and intact tree cover in many areas.

Species to be found include but are not limited to: Common Wombats, Pademelons, Tasmanian Devils, Bennetts Wallabies, Eastern Barred Bandicoots ( endangered ), Brown Bandicoots, Pygmy Possums, Ringtail Possums, Tiger Quolls, Eastern Quolls, Brush Tailed Possums, Echidnas, Tasmanian Bettongs, Thylacines ( considered extinct ) and many other mammal species.

Birdlife is also abundant and a patient bird watcher will be rewarded greatly in the right places at certain times of the year.

Species include but are not limited to: Wedge Tailed Eagles, White Bellied Sea Eagles, Superb Blue Wrens, Red Chested Robins, Black Yellow Tailed Cockatoos, Tawny Frogmouths, Australian Owlet-Nightjars, Tasmanian Native Hens, Brown Goshawks, Collared Sparrow Hawks, Azure Kingfishers, Laughing Kookaburras and the list goes on and on.

Many rivers and freshwater streams cut through the landscapes throughout the region. The main ones of interest for anglers are The Ringarooma, Musselroe, Forester and Boobyalla. Species of fish common in the area include Bream ( estuary ), Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout, Brooke Trout, Native Blackfish and Freshwater Eels.

Hunters may well be interested to know that Fallow Deer are recorded in the area as well. All the necessary permits and permissions apply before setting out on any hunting trips.

Wedge Tailed Eagle

This is a short video showcasing the area between Mt Cameron and the coast with a special treat up close and personal with a Wedge Tailed Eagle.

Eastern Quoll
Australian Owlet Nightjar

An unusual striped animal

This is a short video of an unusual striped animal filmed in NE Tasmania not far from Tassie Tiger Lodge. Is it a Thylacine..? Who knows..? 

One thing for certain it isn't an Eastern Barred Bandicoot.

Wombat Tasmania
Bennetts Wallaby
Tasmanian Devil