Tassie Tiger Lodge short term accomodation Derby area

Accommodation Options

 Pricing at Tassie Tiger Lodge and is charged on a Guest by Guest basis, when making inquiries.

 The basic Rate for a couple for 2 nights is $280.  Minimum of 2 nights stay. ($70 per person per night)

An additional couple of Nights reduced the Rate to $440 for 4 people for 2 nights or $60 each Person per Night 

(Saving $120 for a group of 4 people).

Hosted accommodation is also available on request as are small Guided Tours of the area and information about Thylacine's.

Children are negotiable as far as extra cost goes and we will happily discuss this upon reservation inquiries.

Group bookings for extended stays of 4 nights or more are also available and a decent discount can be arranged.

Pets are welcome but must have their own bed to sleep on and ANY mess they make inside the house will be the Guests responsibility to clean up as will be any damage they cause during the stay. i.e keep them under control and do not let them damage Furnishings or chase and harass the local Wildlife. Please do not be tempted to steal anything from The Lodge.

Tassie Tiger Lodge is designed to be a place of retreat from the rat race and a good way to recharge your cells so please respect our Neighbours and come and go with a minimum of fuss and disturbance to the Locals in South Mount Cameron.

It is not designed to be a 5 star accommodation so do not expect luxury and glamour.  It is a warm, cosy place to get away from it all and nothing more. Keys need to be arranged BY THE GUEST prior to arrival and check in.

Smoking is allowed on the property but not inside the premises. Please be responsible for your Rubbish you create and take it all with you to reduce our responsibility for your Garbage.  South Mount Cameron has no Garbage Collection Service whatsoever.

Above all, enjoy the facility and take note of the quiet peacefulness it offers for a Budget Price and please feel free to fill out the Guest Book because we would love to know about your stay and where you came from...


Neil Waters, Owner & Proprietor.